Protagonist-Mood Ratings of News Events
The Protagonist-Mood Rating
A psychological system for ranking
films, novels, TV shows, etc.

psychological ratings of movies, TV shows, etc.
The Protagonist-Mood Rating combines three scores: the first one is Protagonist Likability, the second one is Sustained Mood. (Each is ranked 1 - 9, with 9 as the best score.) The third score, Targeted Gender, is ranked as Male, Female, or Everyone (M, F, or E). Thus, a PM Rating of 79M would indicate 7 for protagonist appeal, 9 for mood, and M for Male. Translated: the personalities are generally likable, the situation is upbeat, and the targeted audience is male. Each scoring characteristic is not a judgment of political affiliation, per se: the PM Rating is neutral on that topic. For more information, see The Protagonist-Mood Rating Explained.

most recent first:

Pyongyang's testing of a nuclear bomb.

The handling of Hurricane Katrina.

The handling of the Iraq War.

Clinton's tryst with Monica Lewinsky.
more to come...

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